Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wayne is currently giving the asian baby momma more money than the rest, because she had the first boy.

Baby has been trying to fuck the asian baby momma since before she had the baby.

Asian baby momma thinks her kid is the cutest....and so does Wayne.

Gucci and shorty lo like them girls under the age of 15.

Gucci fucked Buffy the body and found toliet paper stuck in her ass.

Yung Joc dick is so short it doesn't touch the rest of his body.

Jazzy Pha is really depressed about his weight and is thinking about having gastric done.

Ciara cries herself to sleep at night because she feels like she can't trust anyone anymore.

Puffy feels like he has lost everything and is out of hustles. Puffy has been trying to come up with a news making worthy way to bow out of the limelight...IE getting married. But who he wants to marry is afraid that it's a scam and refuses.

Trina was dykin hard back in high school. Turned all the freshmen chicks out. Even had some workin for her. She's as raw as she spits it.

michael ealy broke it off with halle because "she aint wrapped too tight"
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