Monday, November 2, 2009


hican bed window
It’s half futuristic self-contained entertainment pod, half serene sleeping chamber. The HiCan bed was obviously made for the people who slept in racecar beds in their childhood. The all-in-one bedroom entertainment center has so many awesome features that it’s hard to imagine you’d ever leave bed again with this at home. In fact, as long as you’ve got a phone by the bed and the pizza guy is willing to deliver straight to your bedroom, you’ll never need to leave it.
luxury bed built in video games
bed with entertainment center

Is the sun through the window a little too bright while you’re surfing the web from the built-in PC in your HiCan? Believe it or not, you can control your home’s blinds, full-house lighting and entertainment system from the bed’s controls.
bed with built in house controls
Lights are included to help you read (if you’re into hard copies of things). And if you finally get tired of playing with all of the bells and whistles on this amazingly cool bed, you can pull down the built-in shades and block out the outside world. Getting some shut-eye has never been so exciting.
awesome bed with projector screen
The company’s philosophy states that the very cool bed was conceived with the idea that we have so much going on in our modern lives that we should have a comforting place to retreat to. The HiCan could conceivably replace all of the furniture in a tiny apartment…provided that you can shell out the about $62,000 for one.
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