Sunday, November 8, 2009


harry winston
The Harry Winston watch allows you to see all the mechanics of the watch. The face plate is nonexistent, but you are able to see all the gears and the designer name very clearly on the front of the watch. There are no markers for numbers or actual numbers, so you have to guess at the time if someone was to ask you for it.
cebestan winch tourbillion vertica
This is a watch that can seem to be confusing to a person that will just walk by and glance at your wrist. It could even be a conversation starter, especially to someone that asking for the time.

diesel dz 9044

This watch doesn’t look like a watch at all. The face is a blank plate. The time can be told on the side with the smallest time pieces. You better have really good eye sight to read this watch.
charles windlin
This timepiece is not only a watch, but it is a ring. It will display your calendar and the time all while being worn like your favorite ring.
horological machines no3
With the upside down automatic rotor movement, you will not have to turn your watch upside down to show it off. But, reading the time can be a bit difficult.
ibiza ride
This watch uses LED technology to display the time in rows. The first row of lights displays the hour, the second row of lights displays the minutes in 10s and the third row of lights displays the minutes in single minutes. There are different colors of lights for the time, date and pm mode
chapter one
This watch will not only tell you the time, but it will tell you the day and the phase of the moon with a dual rolling bar at the end of the timepiece.
twenty four concept chronograph
This watch’s design was inspired by the cars of the 24 Le Mans races. It looks like the hood of a racecar with its racing stripes down the center.

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