Monday, November 2, 2009


RUMORS Are circulating about radio jock Charlamagne who got FIRED for speaking out about Beanie Sigel. If But we hear it’s all true. That is completely Whack! Why, because Charlamagne The God is the sh*t and it’s good radio. We as media should be able to speak our minds and give insight on situations such as the Beanie Sigel situation.
See what Charlamagne had to say inside……..
Charlamagne wrote via his twitter:

” I just got fired from 100.3 The Beat in Philly. Salute to Philly I hope you all enjoyed me the past 6 months,” he wrote. ” RT @lilduval: to everyone excited bout @cthagod getting fired. it dont matter we on TV wit “hood state of the union” see how GOD work. lmao #cthagodgotfired for being the glitch in the matrix #cthagodgotfired cause 100.3 The Beat said they want to move in a different direction. God bless them. Thanks for the past 6 months. RT @fuzeb: So @cthagod got fired after the hov interview…reminds me of when Puff got Wendy fired for callin him gay #cthagodgotfired and if its any sympathy p*ssy out there for me I’ll take it!”
Then Charlamagne released this statement.
“Commanding my own morning show in a major market has been one of my dreams,” he said, “and this opportunity that has been presented to me just reinforces in my mind that I am walking the path that God wants me to walk.”
But Radio One executive Elroy Smith confirmed the decision to bring in Charlamagne to the Philly airwaves last April. “Doing an all-music morning show with mixer Bent Roc garnered some of the highest ratings that we’ve seen in the last year for our morning show on the Beat,” Smith said in an interview. “We are presently No. 1 with women 18-34 without doing a traditional morning show. Charlamagne will be brought on board to accent the current success of the ‘Morning Beat.’ His commanding personality along with his Internet savvy and his desire to be local will only propel this show to a higher plane.”
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