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There are many women who have children with a successful man, and decide to settle and live off of their significant other for the rest of their existence. There are also few women that break out and do their own thing. Misa Hylton is one of these women.

Misa was Diddy’s college sweetheart, who he also took along on his rise to stardom. They eventually had a child together but after a while, Misa broke free of the relationship, stepped out on her own, and went on to become a successful fashion designer and stylist.

In this interview, Misa sits down with ATF and lets us know how she does it all, from being a mother of three to a highly sought after stylist and business woman.

ATF: What does Fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an exciting way for people to express themselves in a creative and unique manner.

ATF: So when did you decide you wanted to get into the fashion business?

Fashion is a Philosophy. I was born with a sense of fashion and I have spent a lifetime cultivating and developing it. If I’m not learning from fashion, I am teaching it.

ATF: Diddy is very into fashion; do you feel you may have inspired him very early on?

Diddy has is own sense of fashion and I have mine. But having worked so closely with him, I believe we have inspired each other.

ATF: How does being a mother effect your personal style?

Being a mother doesn’t reflect my personal style. My style is reflected in everything I wear, whether it’s a business suit or an outfit for fashion week! You’ll never see me dressing like the average soccer mom.

ATF: From doing research, we know you were around at the very beginning of Bad Boy, what was that experience like?

It was a special experience, a time when young people were given the opportunity to express their creativity in music and fashion. When those opportunities proved successful, we were then able to create and run companies. These opportunities turned hip hop from fad to culture.

ATF: How do you balance being a mother of three and being a business woman, that has to be difficult?

I do exactly that, I balance it. It’s not always easy but I manage to prioritize and do my best. I also have great children who understand that mommy works.

ATF: Who have been some of your favorite people to work with, and why?

I have enjoyed every client. Each experience is unique. As a stylist I try to learn and grow with every job and I continue to learn various aspects of style and fashion with each opportunity

ATF: Do you ever plan to write a book about your life?

Yes, I plan to write a book about my life. I look forward to sharing my experiences.

ATF: What are some skills do you think are necessary to become a stylist?

You must be able to multi-task and be very resourceful. Your ability to produce, find, or create what your client demands is what will set you apart from the rest. You also have to be observant and listen. It isn’t about the new must have item in a fashion magazine; it’s about making someone look and feel their best.

ATF: Do you believe women have it harder in the fashion business?

Fashion and business are 2 words. Woman are fashion, they are trendsetters, if as a mother, senator, actress or a celebrity. The business has a habit of identifying the best and that is where ‘haute’ comes from. Woman with a great style and presence have always succeeded in the business of fashion, they are the exceptions and not the rule.

ATF: Now if you children wanted to get into the entertainment business, what would you tell them?

I don’t think you and I both have enough time (Laughs)! I would first tell them the same things I tell them about all of their other life choices. Keep God first, become knowledgeable, don’t make hasty decisions, and always uphold your morals and values.

ATF: That is some great advice that honestly everyone should listen to. What do you think makes you different from other stylist?

I have keen and distinctive eye. I think I’m versatile and have a natural ability to visualize the finished product, create it and execute it. I always deliver.

ATF: What are some future goals for Misa?

To continue to grow as a person, be the best mom I can be and create a timeless legacy.

ATF: What is some advice you would give up and coming stylist and designers?

Learn and understand the craft, once you decide you want to pursue fashion styling as a career, stay focused and remember fashion is a business. Don’t be disillusioned by all of the glitz and glamour of it all.


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