Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Avid gamers and Hip-Hop heads should to be glad to hear that the long awaited DJ Hero video game is finally hitting store shelves.
In the sequel to Guitar Hero, fans can use turntables to master mixes from the likes of the late DJ AM, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Shadow and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Consumers have the option of buying the regular version of the product or opting to buy the special Renegade edition.
The Renegade edition features an exclusive soundtrack of Jay-Z and Eminem who loaned some of their hits and unreleased material to the project. While Jay prepares to hit Yankee Stadium for his performance with A. Keys Wednesday he reflected on the game and told the Associated Press that the bonus disk included is reminiscent of a greatest hits compilation.
“I picked a song from each of my albums. I've never had a greatest hits, so it's pretty much like my greatest hits.“
He also added,
“It's very challenging and fun and you get lost and you start believing that you can deejay a party,” he laughed. “I think some kids may go out and try to deejay a party and really mess up really bad and realize it's not as easy as it seems.”

His partner on the DJ Hero project, Eminem, mentioned on a behind the scenes look at the game that he wants to bypass the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff in turntable skills.

“Im going to be better at this game than Jazzy Jeff one day and if ever he wants to come and set up his turntables against me….give me about a couple of years but I'm going to be better.”

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