Monday, October 12, 2009


I came across an interesting open letter to R&B singer Monica. Wanna read it? Here it go:

Does Monica still have her little raggedy ass unpaid publicity stan running around on the alley trying to get us interested in the bitch??? If so, this is for you bitch. Watch your ass bitch. If you wasnt so desperate for money and fame your ass would be satisfied with that little minor leagues hustler you call a fucking man instead of giving your # to my man and then smiling right in my fucking face. You B list bitch!So. My man and I were shopping in Saks Fifth Avenue (the flagship) and needless to say, I wore his ass out so he took a seat in the women's shoe dept to take a load off and hold the bags as I went and checked out "just one more thing honey" on the other side of the floor. Eventually I find another purchase so I call my honey's cell phone from the register. He comes over and as we head to the elevator, Monica walks by. Now I've met this whore before so I smile politely and frankly couldn't put my finger on who the fuck it was cause she looked busted. He goes, "Thats Monica." I'm like "Oh yea thats right." We hop on the elevator and as the door closes, this bitch jumps on and says "I see you found your wife." He says "yea" and we both make some small talk with this heiffer as we go back down to 1. (she was with some butch looking bitch who never said a word). The whore was all smiles at me, very complimentary about my shoes, my ring etc. Hubby's quiet. As soon as we get off the elevator and this bitch is out of earshot honey tells me that the bitch was so far up his ass in the shoe department before I called and that she kept telling him "Put my number in your phone, we should go out." He told the whore he was with wifey and she never stopped trying to push up til his phone rang and it was me calling telling him to bring his ass on!Now, this bitch will know exactly who he was when she sees my post but Monica "THE BOY IS MINE". You jersey chasing has been three hit whore!!!!!!!!My man got cussed out too for not alerting me to this fukkery until after the bitch was gone, however, he knows me and I guess he was not in the mood to bail me out or for the two of us to be on Page Six over some hoodrat shit. But no worries, I will see this bitch again. Unless she sees me first because I know the bitch don't want none.
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