Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is the chilling moment a Mafia boss is gunned down by a hitman outside a bar.
Mario Bacio Terracino is first felled by a gunshot to the arm.

His attacker then stands over him and finishes him off with a single shot to the back of the head before strolling away.

Police in Naples, where the local Mafia are known as the Camorra, released the CCTV footage to try to catch the hitman.

They believe the killing of Terracino, 53, was part of a feud with a rival gang over the control of lucrative drug trafficking network.

Terracino was also known to police as a bank robber and was accused of a $3million heist committed in 1991, but was never convicted.

His trademark was said to be entering buildings from below through the sewer network.

Police in Naples also revealed that Terracino had also been part of a Camorra gang that had kidnapped Italian Socialist politician Guido De Martino in 1977.
He was snatched of a street in Naples and held for six weeks before being freed after a one billion lire ransom was paid - $700,000.

Tarracino is seen smoking a cigarette outside a bar in the central Sanita neighborhood. The killer enters the bar, where there are at least six people, then emerges and shoots Tarracino at point blank range.

When Tarracino falls on the ground, the killer finishes him off with a bullet to the head.

None of the bystanders moves a finger, although it is hard to say if that is from genuine indifference or fear of retaliation.

A woman is seen rubbing off her scratch-and-win lottery card as Tarracino is killed in front of her. A cigarette-seller moves his stall a few meters down the road, while a man holding a toddler in his arms looks at the victim and walks away.

A woman counting change in her purse jumps in shock at the sound of the gunshot and turns to see the killer calmly walking away. He was even said to be smiling.

Police in Naples said: 'We are taking the unusal step of releasing this graphic footage in an attempt to catch his killer.
'His face although hidden is visible and someone out there must recognise him and we would appeal for them to come forward.'

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