Thursday, October 29, 2009


Jacked from a random message board

I just got a funny call about the so called 5 Star Chick aka Diamond Princess aka Trina. So Friday she went to DC for her friend Angel Lola Love's bday party. She tried to use her card at the miami airport and it was declined. Kenyon officially cut her all the way off. She knew she was short on funds but decided to take the trip anyway with only $400 cash in her pocket. Anyway, a dude who is cool with her gets a call from another friend to pick her up from the airport and was asked if he can do her a favor. After he picked her up, they're in route to the hotel, and she asked him to borrow a stack ($1,000) and goes to tell him how she has maxed out all her credit cards and how she gets by on what she makes by doing shows but she has a high spending habit. Thats one thing Kenyon complained about because it was really unnecessary. She gets between $8,000 -10,000 per show.

Dude said he was shocked that she even told him that she is broke. The reason being because she is in every song talking about her diamonds, clothes, louie, gucci.
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