Wednesday, October 14, 2009


According to a well-connected industry source, RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield won’t be back on the show next year. This info comes to me from a credible source who said one of the cast members has to go to make room for new blood next season just as DeShawn Snow was let go from last season’s cast. The booted member was to be newcomer Kandi Burrus, but recent developments changed all that. Now Kandi Burruss has emerged to be the breakout star on show, which isn’t sitting too well with NeNe Leakes who assumed the smack talking role from Sheree. It seems that Sheree is biting the hand that fed her by refusing to wild out and stir up drama on the show this season because she wants to be taken seriously as a (lol) fashion designer. But according to the source, Kandi has surprised the show’s producers by emerging as the star of the show. Kandi’s new track “Fly Above” from her upcoming album B.L.O.G. is selling well on iTunes and Amazon,com, and she has the most followers (100,000) out of all the RHOA cast members. Industry people have expressed surprise that Kandi has come from the behind to become the sentimental favorite of the viewers. But that’s how it goes sometimes. Viewers get tired of all that fake drama.

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