Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Since Plies flooded the airwaves with his sex-driven lyrics on tracks such as “Becky” and “Bust It Baby”, the rapper has come off as being more than rated R as he has dubbed himself the realist.  Being the realist, he has been one not to bite his tongue and say things exactly how he feels.
As a replacement for Gucci Mane this weekend at FAMU, however, the rapper showed that he is aware of that fact of timing and that there is a time and place for everything.
It was reported that before performing “Bust It Baby,” the rapper saw a fan that looked to be too young to be hearing those particular lyrics.  As a result, the rapper gave the girl $1,000 from his pocket and asked her to leave and have her parents take her some place more appropriate.
If that's not a curveball, then what else could it be?
The rapper has been one to show his charitable side in other instances as he gave his chain to a girl during a basketball game some time ago, but this action is much more than just making a girl's day.
Society has always been the one to point out the fact that Hip-Hop's lewd lyrics have caused a downfall in the youth of the country as they have been heavily influenced by what they hear and see through these rap artists.
Although he essentially paid for it, Plies showcased the fact that he acknowledges his responsibility as a rapper.  He may not be able to stop everyone from buying his CD, but he will have some control to who he will allow to hear him while in his presence.

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