Friday, October 9, 2009


According to the New York Daily News, LisaRaye is about to set it off on her forthcoming TV One reality show. She claims they each abandoned her during her brutal divorce from Michael Misick, the former prime minister of the Turks & Caicos. Reportedly, Star was among the first to ditch her in the divorce, instead counseling Michael through the split. "LisaRaye hosted Star at her home in the Turks & Caicos for three weeks when Star was going through her divorce from Al Reynolds," said a source close to the show. "When the tables turned and McCoy's marriage ended, Star was helping LisaRaye's husband." That help included Star referring Michael to a publicist to preserve his image throughout the mucky proceedings. Then there’s Vivica, who supposedly spilled some of LisaRaye’s most personal secrets to Michael. Because of that, the two have not spoken in quite some time. Of course, there are more people that LisaRaye’s been beefing with behind the divorce (Rocsi, we’re looking at you), and they’re not safe on her show either. "LisaRaye intends to use her show as an outlet to air it all," says the source. "She's been quiet until now, but when she starts sharing these stories, it'll make “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” look like a gathering of church ladies." But it’s going to be a minute before you see LisaRaye dish the dirt on her fair-weather friends. Her as-yet untitled reality series won’t hit TV One until March.
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