Thursday, October 29, 2009


Jacked from a random message board

Kim stole Diddy from his first baby mama Misa Hylton. (well I really don't believe that anyone can steal a man from you but that's besides the point)

When Kim's bum ass got kicked to the curb by yet another Uptown affliated artist she was messing with...she was out of a place to live and Misa took her and Quincy in to live with her, Puff and Justin because she had no place to go.

And Kim repaid that charity by starting an affair with Puff. Prior to that Kim and Misa were very, very good friends. That's why Kim gets no sympathy from noone in the industry.

Actually Kim was an ear when Misa bitched and complained about Puff being a manwhore. Kim went behind Misa's back and started fucking Puffy...right around the time she was fucking, Jo-Jo, Dalvin and Devante. Misa never "dropped" Puff.
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