Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Word is Khloe is getting fed up with the waiting game on the prenup! basically they trying to work things out, but Lamar’s team ain’t giving up squat to his new wifey. Khloe and her attorneys are getting frustrated with Lamar because he is listening to too many advisers, including friends about what his prenup should include. The longer he prolongs the prenuptial agreement, the longer he holds himself and Khloe back from being an official married couple.
Well let’s be real. Lamar needs to protect himself, because Khloe’s family doesn’t have the type of money that Lamar does. And his friends, advisors and crew knows the good and bad side of Hollywood marriages. He ain’t trying to give up half. Now, inside sources are saying the Lamar needs to man up? Peeps are saying he has no back bone basically and he is easily influenced. He doesn’t have things in perspective for he and Khloe’s best interests.
Honestly, we don’t care, but will put this out to Lamar. Dude read between the lines my man, she’s really acting like a gold digger in this situation. What the hell is she talking about, Not in you and Khloe’s best interest. She means to say in her best interest! Look you two aren’t really married, so you know what we wanna say. The two of you should just __________.


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