Monday, October 12, 2009


Have you ever heard of If you haven’t, they claim to be: a community dedicated to helping good guys by exposing Gold Diggers and Users one at a time. And by expose, they mean expose. allows men to anonymously post obscene descriptions and in many cases, a photo of the alleged ‘unwifeable’. The question is however, what brand of good guy would say things likethis

this **** is crazy it seems like she sucks **** for a living….she will **** u, ur friends, and ur family.she\’s a liar and a gold digger she\’ll **** u till ur money runs out then she\’ll move on to the next ****. if all u want is sum head she\’s da one….but just don\’t wife dat ****
Or this?

Description: dont wife her, she is a slut, she is a golddigger, having no respect for anyone, calling herself mobetta, she is a tramp, easy as 1-2-3, golddigger, seeking to hit it big, on the back of mens, she always date more than one, she is a tramp, dates many, known around town as a home wrecker, man stealing and above all, a golddigger.

What in the freak is this?

“She aint got a inch of hair and done put on a few pounds so her self asteem is a lot lower so you can **** now. I still love her.”

Is this a resource for victimized men to commiserate and prevent each other from ‘danger’ or are these just a gang of spiteful and vicious dudes virtually slandering women at will? As an aside, I’m curious as to how many of these guys are actually serious about matrimony in the first place?
Regardless, trust that owners and operators of the site are getting broke off something splendid from this rubbish. It’s reminiscent of Maury Povich and his circus side show (does that man even own a mirror?). If done effectively, a male equivalent site could reach youtube traffic volume because the atrocious gahbage guys engage in grossly outweighs the fraction of whorocity prevalent among women.


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