Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hip- hop stars Akon and Wyclef Jean gave Kanye West a run for his money with their antics at the MTV Africa Music Awards held in Kenya at the weekend. Last month, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's award-winning moment at the MTV Video Music Awards, saying she didn't deserve to win. He was reportedly drunk.
At this weekend's Africa awards, South African hip-hop star HHP walked off with the award for Best Video for Mpitse and the late reggae singer Lucky Dube was honoured in song by Wyclef.
The host of the awards, Wyclef sang a tribute to Dube. He later told The TimesDube was a "legend" and compared him to Bob Marley.
After HHP's acceptance speech, Wyclef called him back on stage to tell him how great he thought he was.
Then the proceedings took a turn for the worse.
Akon and Wyclef decided to compete for "best man" on stage.
They dropped to the floor and did push-ups, each with one leg in the air.
The two stripped to their Armani and Calvin Klein boxer briefs.
But Akon went one further, shoving a microphone into his underwear.
"You wanna see this, do you? Who's the man now Clef?" he asked the audience, before asking if the women wanted him to take it all off.
The contest stopped there.
The two later partied the night away with VIP guests at popular club the Blue Times Lounge.
Yesterday, Wyclef said on Twitter: "MTV African Music Awards Mamas, what a night, am alive what a Night in Kenya, now ima go to the Safari.
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